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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: resolving Apache::Test vs. Apache::test collision
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 01:31:42 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> So currently we are down to two options:
>> 1) Integrate in I think we should bundle Apache::Test 
>> with future versions of mod_perl to make the maintenance simple and 
>> remove the original Apache::test from it.
> if you mean future versions of mp1, that's a good idea.  that's probably 
> reason enough to release 1.28 when we get this all sorted out.

For that to happen, someone has to spend time with it. I know that I get at 
least several tests failing with the current cvs. Also there are quite a few 
patches that weren't applied I think. That's why a few months ago I was 
looking for someone to bring this version to a production quality.

>> 2) Rename Apache::Test to Apache::Tester (or else) to resolve the 
>> collision.
>> Rename the distro Apache-Test to Apache-TestHarness (or else) to avoid 
>> confusion.
> actually, I hadn't thought about it much, so I didn't realize that we 
> could keep Apache-Test as the distribution name while changing the 
> offending file (*duh*).
> sticking with Apache-Test as the distribution gets my vote.  I don't 
> think it's too confusing - other major distributions use packages that 
> differ from the distribution name (libwww-perl, perl-ldap, Filter, etc).

Hey, I haven't thought about this possibility ;)

> now I care much less about the name of the package that actually 
> supplies the base functions - Apache::Tester is fine with me. 
> Apache::TestPlan also sorta makes sense, since then
> use Apache::TestPlan;
> use Apache::TestRequest;
> mirror what's really happening - one package is required for planning 
> (and other housekeeping functions) and one is required for issuing the 
> requests.

I actually like Apache::TestPlan, it's most of the functionality that this 
module provides. but there are a few subs that are not. May be this other 
functionality should move elsewhere.

> I dunno, I'm terrible with names anyway, so I'll shut up now and just 
> wait for the results :)

No, no, you can't just wait for the results.

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