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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: [mp2] Making Apache::ASP optimized for mod_perl 2
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 01:18:32 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
>>> So an Apache::Common, might just be:
>>> package Apache::Common;
>> I would suggest that Apache::Common be only the things we used to have 
>> in mp1 - for example, people are used to having $r->print and 
>> $r->server but $r->pool is new.  even though we need pools for 
>> cleanups, I think _not_ hiding it will help people migrate as well.
> As I've explained in my reply to Josh, Apache::Common won't work, as 
> everybody has a different requirement from mp2. However if you want to 
> provide a list of modules to load to make it work as in mp1, I think 
> this is possible but the name should reflect that. For example 
> Apache::LoadMP1Modules or something like that.

How about some importer that was function based, say...

use Apache::Loader qw(:common log_error :default you_name_it )

:common might load the LoadMP1Modules for example, or this might
just be :mp1 ... it might just be a ModPerl::Method helper ...

   use ModPerl::Method qw(:mp1)

or something like that?

> No matter what conveniece helpers we provide, I'd still strongly suggest 
> to CPAN authors not to use any of the helpers. Since in most cases you 
> don't need all the MP1 functionality for your specific CPAN module, keep 
> the list to a minimum.

Right.  The keyword loader as above might be nice to have people specify
groups they are interested in loading like the :mp1 group assuming they
flexed most of that API.



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