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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: mod_include #perl support
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 12:14:42 GMT

> Very cool, Geoff!
> You had a tiny problem, you haven't called 
> SPLIT_AND_PASS_PRETAG_BUCKETS. The patch below makes things working.

you know, I didn't do that on purpose - mod_cgi only calls that with the 
"cgi" option (where it relies on running the subrequest to calculate the 
content) - the logic for the "cmd" option doesn't use it at all.  and I 
actually did have that logic at one point, though.  I'll try it again.  hmph.

> Unrelated to the problem you have asked about, here are a few more inputs:
> - dunno why you were trying to pass "APR::Brigade", but as you can see 
> in the patch, you have a typo. (I guess you were trying to make it look 
> like a normal filter). 

yeah, that was a typo - I actually changed the filter quite a bit from what 
I had in order to make it minimal :)

> If so why don't you take the data from the tag 
> create a bucket brigade in the XS and pass it to the handler. In that 
> case you will allow to really have a filter. See what I mean? Parse the 
> data as you do now, but don't push it into args, instead create a new bb 
> in C and pass *it* to the handler in $bb.

hmm, yeah I can try that.

> - in tests you must check if the request has succeeded. we have some bug 
> with -port select, and it was failing for me when I used it without any 
> error indicating. To make things simple there is *_BODY_ASSERT shortcut. 
> You can see it in the patch. It'll assert if the request has failed.

I'll look into that.  I tend to use GET over GET_BODY* methods becuase I 
typically examine things other than content (like the headers).  what 
exactly was failing for you?  this may be a larger, unrelateed issue :)

> please forgive me for rewriting all *t files, it's just so much easier 
> to have only 2 lines that need to be modified on top and keeping the 
> rest of the code indentical everywhere.
> Again, kudos for a good work.

well it's not good work yet, but thanks :)


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