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From Batara Kesuma <>
Subject Re: mp2.0 - make test failed compat/apache_util.t
Date Tue, 27 May 2003 07:02:28 GMT
Hi Stas,

> You don't need to recompile with LANG=en_US, it's a run-time setting.
> However I'll need your help to resolve this for all those who have a
> different LC setting. BTW, according to strftime it's LC_TIME env var
> that matters. or is LANG affecting all other LC_* env vars?

How can I check this? But since I don't have LC_TIME variable set, I think
it is LANG that is affecting.

> Does the test pass as-is if you apply this patch?

Yes, I pass t/TEST -v compat/apache_util.t after I add:
$ENV{LANG} = 'en_US';

But, same error comes up again when I compile. 
compat/apache_util.............FAILED test 13                             
        Failed 1/15 tests, 93.33% okay

The only way I can go through the compat/apache_util test when compiling
is to set LANG=en_US before I compile.

When I set LANG=en_US before I compile, I can pass compat/apache_util
test, but this error comes up:
cgi................ok 1/2# Failed test 2 in cgi.t at line 19
cgi................FAILED test 2              
        Failed 1/2 tests, 50.00% okay

I will report about this on another thread. 

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