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From Dmitri Tikhonov <>
Subject [mp2] 1.99_09 and PerlHandler directive.
Date Sat, 10 May 2003 00:30:23 GMT
I've recently upgraded from 1.99_08 to 1.99_09, when I found out (with
dismay and much crying :) that this step breaks configuration options
I had set up.  In 1.99_08, I specified some handlers like this:

  PerlHandler  Custom::Blah::error_403

where error_403 is a subroutine inside Custom/  However, 1.99_09
actually looks for Custom/Blah/ (and cannot find it).

Was this change made on purpose, thus breaking compatibility with all
previous mod_perls (including 1.3.*)?

  - Dmitri.

P.S.  Is there a WebCVS for mod_perl?

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