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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] [mp2] Fix directive handler segfault with threads and vhosts
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 23:27:47 GMT
On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Stephen Clouse wrote:

> This fixes the segfault I was getting (although that by no means makes this
> patch correct -- I'd appreciate a comment on whether I hit the right spot, or
> if there's some nuance to mod_perl's startup I don't know about).

thanks, applied.  i think the patch is ok, sounds like the directive 
handler is being invoked before the server merge happens.  this is good a 
place as any to make sure init happens.  in general, early startup of the 
interpreter(s) is ugly, but there are no clean alternatives short of not 
supporting <Perl> sections and directive handlers ;-/

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