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From "Yuriy Syrota" <>
Subject AxKit porting troubles
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 11:27:42 GMT

I'm porting AxKit to apache2 & mod_perl2 and got strange following

Apache2 doesn't recognise AxKit's configuration directives though
it loads the AxKit (I think so because apache2 calls AxKit per-server
creation function).

I tried to load by LoadModule (not LoadPerlModule as I did
before) and traced out ap_find_command_in_modules() I notified that
apache2 calls this function twice (only 2 LoadModule entries was
in the httd.conf) with equals modules (name - 'perl_module',
filaname - '').

Now I have no idea how to solve it. Do you, folks, have ANY ideas?

-- Yuriy Syrota

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