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From "Yuriy Syrota" <>
Subject AxKit porting troubles (continued)
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2002 08:17:22 GMT
Hello, folks.

I performed additional investigation and now can ask the
question more accurately.

Well, let's start from the beginning. I'm porting AxKit
to apache2. AxKit is a mod_perl module which registers
itself in apache as a regular module written in C with
own configuration directives (there is some C code in
the AxKit which do it when mod_perl are loading AxKit).

In Apache2 this approach doesn't work because PerlModule
directive does nothing at the httpd.conf parsing phase. And
I can't load this module by LoadModule because AxKit doesn't
define @APACHE_MODULE_COMMANDS, AxKit registers itself
into Apache.

So, now I wonder are there any ways to write such kind of
modules under mod_perl2? Do I really should rewrite this
part of AxKit under Perl and load it by LoadModule?

-- Yuriy Syrota

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