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From Dave Rolsky <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler vs. mod_perl2
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 17:10:06 GMT
On Fri, 24 May 2002, Autrijus Tang wrote:

> Greetings. Below is what I've done to port Mason(CVS version)'s
> ApacheHandler to Apache2; it deals mostly with the args-parsing
> incompatibilities and changed method names.

Actually, I've already done this in the CVS version.  Which version were
you looking at?  BTW, this patch is not right in a number of ways.

First, Apache->request is now deprecated (for 2.0), so I stopped using it.
So is $r->content, I believe.

Second, the patch would break the fixes I did for making "print 'foo'"
work inside components, at least with 2.0.  Plus there's other things not
fixed in the patch and changes the patch makes that I'm not sure make

Anyway, take a look at the CVS version (the HEAD branch) of  You should be able to get it working with mod_perl 2.0
but you need to use the 'CGI' args_method, which is no longer the default.

Since uses "Apache->request" internally that means you need to add
this to your config:

  PerlOptions +GlobalRequest

Once there is a working Apache::Request for mod_perl 2.0 I'll make sure
that that works with Mason.


we await the New Sun

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