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From Dave Rolsky <>
Subject And some strangeness with dir_config
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 00:53:14 GMT
ok, I just discovered this

PerlOptions +GlobalRequest

which fixes my previous problem, though it seems that maybe the default
should be for this to be on, at least when Apache::compat is loaded, and
maybe all the time since needs it.

Now my new problem is that given this config:

  PerlSetVar MasonArgsMethod CGI

  PerlSetVar MasonAllowGlobals $Schema
  PerlAddVar MasonAllowGlobals $UserSession
  PerlAddVar MasonAllowGlobals $AdminSession

  PerlModule HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler

  <Directory /var/www>
    <FilesMatch "\.mhtml$">
     SetHandler perl-script
     PerlResponseHandler HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler

For some reason, Apache->request->dir_config returns an empty table (no
keys or values) even though Apache->server->dir_config has the revelant
config info.


we await the New Sun

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