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From "John Kelly" <>
Subject Problems changing the realm with auth_name
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 09:51:32 GMT

I'm running Apache/1.3.20 (Win32) mod_perl/1.25_01-dev
and am having problem using auth_name to dynamically set the realm. The 
call seems to be ignored, using the AuthName directive from http.conf.

Looking around I saw anote from someone which implied they also had a 
problem with this on NT (I'm running XP Professional) but that was some 
time ago.

Excuse me if I've done something obviously wrong, but I've only been 
writing mod_perl for 4 days.

My httpd.conf look like this

<Location /private >

   SetHandler perl-script
   PerlSendHeader on
   AuthName temp
   AuthType Basic
   require valid-user

   PerlAccessHandler Apache::AccessPrivate 


and the access handler part of my file is here...

sub handler {
   my $r = shift;
   my $uri = $r->parsed_uri;

   my @pi = split /\//,$uri->path_info();
   shift @pi;
   my $realm = shift @pi;
   $r->set_handlers(PerlAuthenHandler => [\&authenticate]); 
   $r->set_handlers(PerlHandler => [\&content]);
   return OK;


John Kelly
IBM Hursley

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