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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: mod_perl 2.0 for ISPs
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 15:32:09 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Geoffrey Young wrote:
> > hi all...
> >
> >   I was wondering if any thought was given to designing mod_perl 2.0
> > with ISPs in mind.  I know this issue has cropped up on modperl@ but
> > I've been thinking about it lots lately and have an idea (well, some
> > ramblings, anyway)...
> agreed that there is a *big* demand for this. No need to have an
> advocacy thread on that :) Let's move onto the deep water.
> >   there are lots of problems with allowing users to have access to
> > mod_perl in a multiple-client or mass web hosting situation.  of
> > course, the advocacy bent is that without this type of access,
> > mod_perl will never reach the level of PHP (if we want it to, that is
> > :)
> We need to adopt concepts of chroot jail. Have you looked at Opcode
> module?

I hadn't until now, but yes, that looks like a similar concept to what
I had in mind.

> If I remember correctly that's the module/functionality that we
> need to integrate, so certain opcodes won't be available for the end
> users. That's what we need, right?

I think so.  except that perhaps instead of opcodes, we only need to
limit certain API calls that deal with things like the server record.  

what I think will be really important is the ability to change the
limitations easily, so we (or perhaps the person who compiles
mod_perl) has the ability to add or remove API calls with ease.  that
will help it scale better.

> I think the first thing to lookat is how PHP builds the jail.

two different issues, no?  one is about normal cgi/registry scripts
and the other about accessing areas of the server through the API.

but yes, registry scripts would need some sort of protection as well.


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