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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject [1.3] stacked PerlAuthenHandlers
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 05:02:27 GMT
hi all...

  I just noticed today that for a few phases stacked perl handlers do not
behave like stacked C handlers.  

  for instance, if I have two stacked PerlAuthenHandlers and the first
returns OK, the second one runs anyway.  if the second one returns DECLINED,
then the entire phase returns DECLINED, and mod_auth kicks in.

  I'm not sure if this is the proper behavior for auth, authz, trans, and
type checkers and am wondering if mod_perl should follow core here and let
the first handler to return OK end the phase.

  if you like I can come up with a patch that can address this.  maybe a
wrapper for perl_call_handler that accepted 0 or 1, like run_method in


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