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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: moving modperl-site rep into modperl-docs rep
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 11:42:24 GMT
> With my proposal we will have to do:
>    on our machines:
>    1. cvs up
>    2. apply changes
>    3. cvs ci
>    on
>    4. cvs up
>    5. bin/build
> so there is one extra step to do. Is this OK?

For the modperl site that would be ok for me. (Since everything is done for
me by a Perl script, is doesn't matter if there is an addtional step :-)

> issues:
>    - need to install TemplateToolkit and a few other packages on
> :( I guess we can do it locally, I don't want to pester Brian.

Should be no problem

>    - the package handles links so we have no problem linking to e.g.

ok, so we have the possibility to use content that is not part of the docset

>    - embperl site, I suppose it can be folded into the docset, if Gerald
> doesn't mind.

For the Embperl site I have slightly different plans. There is a redesign
already on the road for a couple of time, I just didn't have the time to
finish and upload it. I have followed the discussion about the docset thing.
I like your docset idea, but I have also own ideas which build on the new
features of Embperl (namly XML & XSLT) Hopefully your docset tool is modular
enough that TT is only used for rendering, so it would be maybe possible to
plug Embperl, instead of TT ? (of course it doesn't would look nice if the
Embperl website says "powered by TemplateToolkit :-)

so for now we maybe can simply keep the modperl-site cvs and use it only for
Embperl (and maybe the dist dir).


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