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From Vivek Khera <>
Subject Re: dual server setup with 2.0?
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:16:51 GMT
>>>>> "PC" == Paul Cotter <> writes:

>> > Another benefit of the front/back end setup is that the ligthweight
>> > front-ends buffer the output from the heavy mod_perl processes,
>> > freeing them up quickly to handle more requests.  You don't want
>> > mod_perl talking directly to slow clients.

PC> Hi - Can you point me at a document that talks about the splitting between
PC> mod-perl and
PC> non-mp request handling.?

The mod_perl guide, and my original tuning docs which are part of your
mod_perl distribution called, appropriately enough,
mod_perl_tuning.pod.  Just run it through perldoc and read away.

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