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From "Randy Kobes" <>
Subject relative ServerRoot in Win32
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2001 20:24:52 GMT
   One of the changes in apache_1.3.19 for Win32 is that the
relative ServerRoot was changed to root to the path
of the apache binary. This has the effect of setting
$Apache::Server::CWD in t/docs/ and t/docs/
to the path of the apache binary, rather than the mod_perl
build directory, and subsequently the tests can't be run
since @INC doesn't contain the mod_perl build directory.
The following patch against mod_perl-1.25, tested on
apache_1.3.19 and perl-5.6.1, fixes this by simply
substituting the mod_perl build directory for
$Apache::Server::CWD in these two files.

best regards,
randy kobes


*** t\TEST.win32.orig Sun Dec 31 12:11:16 2000
--- t\TEST.win32 Sat Apr 14 14:58:18 2001
*** 113,118 ****
--- 113,123 ----

  system "$fullperl -p -i.bak -e \"s#\\./t#$pwd/t#\" t/conf/httpd.conf";

+ # apache_1.3.19 sets $Apache::Server::CWD to the path to Apache.exe
+ system "$fullperl -spi.bak -e \"s#\\\$Apache::Server::CWD#$pwd#\"
+ system "$fullperl -spi.bak -e
\"s#\\\$Apache::Server::CWD\\.\\\"#\\\"$pwd#\" t/docs/";

  # start ourselves a server to pound on

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