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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject mod_perl 2.0 documentation converters
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2001 06:31:39 GMT
Hey, gang

I was wondering whether we want to have a base for converting mod_perl
core pods into other formats (ps,pdf,html,xml?), just like we have for the
guide. is a drop-in replacement for ./pod
directory in mod_perl-2.0 cvs tree.

Assuming that you have Pod::HtmlPsPdf installed, just run ./doc/bin/build
-df and you will get the linked html documentation in ./doc/rel_html/, the
ps and the pdf versions in ./doc/rel_ps/,
./doc/rel_ps/mod_perl_2.0.pdf respectively. If you use -s tag you can get
the split version (like we have for the guide now), which makes the search
of the documentation much more user friendly.

The total overhead of extra files is about 20k gzipped (because of
hyphen.tex mainly (17k), which I should install with Pod::HtmlPsPdf)

As for Pod::HtmlPsPdf, it should undergo a major rewrite to use the
streaming tools from podlators package, which will make it much more
flexible and allow us to incorporate new pod syntax which is getting
cooked up at (see the archives from for more info).
If you have some free time on your hands you are welcome to step in and
help me with the rewrite.

Stas Bekman              JAm_pH     --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker       mod_perl Guide

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