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From Dave Rolsky <>
Subject Re: Apache::test patch
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 06:35:58 GMT
On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Ken Williams wrote:

> I kind of feel like we should blindly use $ENV{APACHE} if it's there,
> because I just made up the variable for this purpose, and if the user
> sets it, we shouldn't argue.  It would be mysterious if you set APACHE
> to something, and then Makefile.PL defaults to use something else
> without telling you why.

That's fine with me.

> But I don't feel very strongly about it.
> What *would* be nice, though, is to check the user-typed response for
> the presence of mod_perl, and give an appropriate error message if it's
> missing.

Doh, I meant to add that too.  I'll add that (and the other change you
suggested) and resend the patch.


We await the New Sun

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