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From Brian Aker <>
Subject bugs with mod_perl
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2001 22:04:02 GMT
Here is the problem. When PHP is installed with mod_perl, certain calls
in mod_perl will cause the server to core (and this only happens with
PHP, jserv, mod_roaming... the rest all work). You can simulate the
with Apache::Storage. For some reason, when mod_perl goes to access the
module's config list inside of Apache, Apache cores. This was fixed a
while ago and the fix was mentioned on slashdot. The problem seems to
returned though.

I have sent the same message to the PHP folks here: 

Now, the reason I bring it up here, is that for a while now we have
that slash will not work with mod_perl's that have been installed via
DSO. The problem we hit is that when mod_perl is installed as
a DSO we find that as soon as we go to place information in
Apache's module list the server will core. Any ideas? I am not
sure if these two are related or not.

BTW Two other problems we know about. pnotes will not survive
a subrequest call, and notes only does it every so often
(even when the caller making the subrequest goes to copy the
sub requested notes to the main request). The notes problem
shows up with subrequests to / where it is turned into
/ (for example).


Brian Aker, 
Slashdot Senior Developer
Seattle, Washington
You can't grep a dead tree.

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