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From John K Sterling <>
Subject [PATCH] win32 module names now like unix
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2000 01:49:34 GMT
as stated in my earlier post, apache-1.3.15-dev was just changed so all
modules on win32 look exactly like unix (e.g.  i
proposed we should stay in sync with the httpd group.  here is a minimal
patch that seems to work: note
1) no docs have been updated in this patch
2) only the ApacheModulePerl.dll has been changed to to
limit the diff
3) i included the earlier patch to Makefile.PL so it looks in
APACHE_SRC/src/Release as well as APACHE_SRC/src/CoreR for
4) it does not patch the test directory

if any win32 folks have opinions, or randy if you want to do it your own
way thats great.  i just figured i'd get the ball rolling so to speak.
if this patch is acceptable, i will update the docs/test as well. i
thought it would be easies to review with minimal changes.


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