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From "Randy Kobes" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] win32 module names now like unix
Date Sat, 23 Dec 2000 22:47:26 GMT
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From: "John K Sterling" <>
To: "Randy Kobes" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2000 7:29 PM
Subject: Re: [PATCH] win32 module names now like unix

> sounds great randy - do what you gotta do - i'll check it out on the other
> testing/proofing
> sterling

    From your earlier patches, it occurred to me that if we're
going to go to this convention, how about renaming
all things that reference ApacheModulePerl, for consistency?
For example, the attached tar.gz file, which unpacks into
could replace the current
In these I incorporated your earlier patches to the .dsp
and .mak files to build a

This would mean some other changes; these are
in the attached win32.diff file. To summarize,
- Makefile.PL: use the src/modules/win32/* structure, as
well as incorporating your patch to find the Apache lib
in the new location for 1.3.15. This also will, according
to the apache version, install as
or as ApacheModulePerl.dll, if INSTALL_DLL is passed
to Makefile.PL.  Finally, a message is printed out at the
end mentioning the new convention.
- INSTALL.win32: mention the new convention, as well
as change references from ApacheModulePerl.dll to
- MANIFEST: changes the dsp file name
- t/* files: makes some changes to load,
rather than ApacheModulePerl.dll.

I tried this out on both apache_1.3.15 and apache_1.3.12,
and it worked, but if you have a chance to try it ....

best regards,

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