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From Yu-Fei Shen <>
Subject Apache::Dprof Module
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:49:42 GMT

     I am new to mod_perl and would like to use Apache::Dprof to generate 
the profile information.  Here are the problems I ran into.  Could 
anybody help me?

     The system configuration I have is listed below.  I modified 
httpd.conf file to add "PerlModule Apache::Dprof" line, but no tmon.out 
file generated.  I am running the binary built by Randy Kobes.

os - Windows NT 4.0 (Service Packe 5)
Apache - 1.3.12
Perl - 5.6.0
mod_perl - 1.23


Peggy Shen

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