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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: AxKit working on ActivePerl
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2000 05:52:20 GMT
On Sun, 3 Sep 2000, Gerald Richter wrote:

> From my point of view it doesn't make any sense to have two versions of the
> library, actualy I guess it will not work correctly, because Apache always
> needs the DLL version and the DLL version and the static lib version will
> _not_ share globales, which is neccessary to make mod_perl work.

I had thought this use of a static mod_perl lib was similar
in spirit to what Matt did with AxKit - include all the
*.obj files at link time, but still build mod_perl normally
with a dll. As a test, I tried libapreq again, and found 
it was missing 3 symbols from ApacheModulePerl.lib. I then 
tried instead linking it in with a static mod_perl lib, 
which resolved the missing symbols. After installing, some simple 
tests seemed to indicate Apache::Request works OK. However, maybe 
this is a bad route in principle? Is it the use of the static 
mod_perl lib to resolve things in an external package, together 
with mod_perl's subsequent use of the DLL, that could 
potentially lead to problems?

> What I suggest is just to add some more entries to the symbol table of the
> DLL, makeing this symbols public viewable and thereby, makeing it possible
> that other modules can use them. For the first step it would be the esaiest
> to just creating a DEF file, so you don't have to modifiy any sources, but
> can make the linker happy. In the second step it has to be decided, which
> symbol belongs to the mod_perl API and should be exported by the DLL ( I
> think Doug should take a look at this list), then using the API macros from
> Apache would make it more portable to other platforms.

This sounds like a much more coherent approach - I guess this static
lib approach, if it was OK, might have been useful in the meantime
until these things are decided ... I'll take a stab at seeing
what should be put into the DEF file.

best regards,

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