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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject AxKit working on ActivePerl
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 15:04:34 GMT
Well it seems to be working. Like Randy, I too haven't done much stress
testing, and in fact haven't even done much no-stress testing, I just
wanted to get a mail out saying I managed to compile it.

To get it to compile I had to remove a define (PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS) and add
three defines (_MSWSOCK_, _WINSOCK2API_ and _WINDOWS (for the errors in
malloc.h)), and a whole bunch of link problems - it wouldn't seem to link
to ApacheModulePerl.lib, so I had to add every damn .obj file in that
directory (src/modules/ApacheModulePerl/Release) in for it to link to.
After that it worked. Everything seems to run like a charm.

More testing to do, obviously, but I think we have a winner here.

Should we offer up a fully compiled Apache + mod_perl installation? Or
just a ppm with a post-install script (done that before) that asks for and
installs ApacheModulePerl.dll in the right place? Obviously Randy seems to
have cooked up most of the ppm, but without the install of the
ApacheModulePerl.dll thing. Adding that is mostly trivial.

Oh, and I also made sure I removed expat from my Apache build...

I look forward to being able to offer an AxKit ppm...


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