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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: AxKit working on ActivePerl
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2000 17:15:24 GMT
On Fri, 1 Sep 2000, Matt Sergeant wrote:

> Well it seems to be working. Like Randy, I too haven't done much stress
> testing, and in fact haven't even done much no-stress testing, I just
> wanted to get a mail out saying I managed to compile it.
> To get it to compile I had to remove a define (PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS) and add
> three defines (_MSWSOCK_, _WINSOCK2API_ and _WINDOWS (for the errors in
> malloc.h)), 

That also fixes the problems building Embperl, although there's
then some warnings, and not all the tests pass. I had also tried,
as an alternative to undefining PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS and defining _WINDOWS,
defining _INC_MALLOC and _INC_SIGNAL, which also seems to work.
>            and a whole bunch of link problems - it wouldn't seem to link
> to ApacheModulePerl.lib, so I had to add every damn .obj file in that
> directory (src/modules/ApacheModulePerl/Release) in for it to link to.
> After that it worked. Everything seems to run like a charm.

The linking problems I also found with libapreq on Win32,
on a non-ActiveState build, and I had to do the same thing as you.
So it might be worth looking at the build of ApacheModulePerl.lib,
to see if this can be fixed there.

> More testing to do, obviously, but I think we have a winner here.
> Should we offer up a fully compiled Apache + mod_perl installation? Or
> just a ppm with a post-install script (done that before) that asks for and
> installs ApacheModulePerl.dll in the right place? Obviously Randy seems to
> have cooked up most of the ppm, but without the install of the
> ApacheModulePerl.dll thing. Adding that is mostly trivial.

I'm not sure if ActiveState would add Apache::* ppds to their
list - perhaps not, as it would be more difficult to keep in
sync with Apache. We could set up a ppm site with a bunch of
Apache ppds - with the working mod_perl, many could be placed
there immediately. The post-install script for ApacheModulePerl.dll
is a good idea ... These ppds should be compatable with
Apache's 1.3.12 binary, although we could make up an all-in-one
package for the impatient ....

best regards,

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