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From Sander van Zoest <>
Subject Re: Mailing List Archive
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:00:30 GMT
On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Stas Bekman wrote:

> > > is self explaining.
> > > is misleading
> > > is self explaining
> > well. is self-explaining to you?
> Yup, very :)

I really don't see much of a difference myself. That simply ties mod_perl 
to apache. I really do not see a reason for the mod_perl project to grow 
that it will start supporting other webserver APIs and frameworks.

Granted, it shouldn't be confused with simply perl, but if this evolves
as much as the xml and java projects have then I can totally see perl
projects under the ASF umbrella that do not anything to with mod_perl.

I would think you want to make the mailing lists something like:     -> ->  ->  -> ->  ->  ->

potentially you might want to move the under
the perl embrella. It is kinda hard to say.

Do you kinda get where I am going with this?
> > Well, I am more talking about the actual mailing list itself. Granted I
> > can do almost anything on my end, but since the modperl website is at
> > , I would think moving the mailing list to
> > would make a lot of sense from an organizational
> > perspective.
> You are definitely right, but given the fact that things are hardly
> maintained on the, if someone will not take take an
> ownership of this task, once something goes wrong it'll stay broken for
> years. In addition the search is very essential.

I thought you said that you were maintaining the pages?
What about if you set up a,
and such. I am sure there are some web designers/developers that would
be interested in helping out.

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Covalent Technologies, Inc.                 
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