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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject Re: Apache::Reload
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2000 00:01:40 GMT

> One thing I'd like to add,
> and I'll send a patch to you soonish if you think it's worthwhile, is
> the ability to specify a whole subtree to be reloaded: using ReloadModules
> is fine but after a while adding modules to the list gets tedious. In most
> cases I want to reload my application modules, and no others.

I append a patch that let you say

PerlSetVar ReloadModuleX  <perl-regex>

which allows you to specify a regex to reload modules. For example

PerlSetVar ReloadModuleX  ^Apache

will check all Apache modules. Note: You have to use the / instead of the ::
as package separator if you need any.

PerlSetVar ReloadModuleX  ^Apache/Auth

will realod all modules starting with Apache::Auth

I didn't have written the docs, Matt if you find this patch usefull maybe
you can do it (since your english is much better then mine :-), or drop me a
note and I will do it.


P.S: The current version doesn't works with modules that uses pseudo hashs
(with "use fields qw{ .. }" ). I already solved this problem, but I have to
integrate it into Apache::Reload. When I have done it, I send a patch

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