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From "Randy Kobes" <>
Subject ActiveState related patches
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2000 04:51:59 GMT
Attached is a suggested patch to the latest cvs mod_perl sources
related to some things on building with ActivePerl. Specifically,
- the patch to Makefile.PL inserts an AUTHOR and ABSTRACT
for Makefile.PL, as ActiveState's ppm likes;
- the patch to ApacheModulePerl.dsp pulls in a .def file
ApacheModulePerl.def, which is also attached and is
assumed to be put in the same directory as 
ApacheModulePerl.dsp (src/modules/ApacheModulePerl).
This def file adds some symbols that are
needed by AxKit and libapreq on Win32, and both then 
link successfully with the ApacheModulePerl.lib
built with this patched mod_perl.
- there's also a couple of patches to the scripts used
in the t/modules/perlrun.t tests; on my ActivePerl these
tests failed because 'dirty-lib' could not be found in
@INC. The patches use the FindBin module 
in "use lib ..." so that dirty-lib can be found.

With these patches, all tests pass on my ActivePerl
(build 617).

I've placed a mod_perl ppd up, based on these patched
sources, which can be installed via ppm as
  ppm install
(or via ftp at the same address). Included in this ppd is 
a post-install script which will grab and install, to a 
user-specified directory, the required 
ApacheModulePerl.dll. Also in this directory is a sample 
apache httpd.conf for use with Win32 mod_perl.
If these patches are OK, perhaps we could ask for
further testing on the mod_perl mailing list - I could
also make up some ppds for some other Apache::*

best regards,

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