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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject RE: Apache::Reload
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 13:10:35 GMT
On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Geoffrey Young wrote:

> > That's right... and it's working just great. One thing I'd 
> > like to add,
> > and I'll send a patch to you soonish if you think it's worthwhile, is
> > the ability to specify a whole subtree to be reloaded: using 
> > ReloadModules
> > is fine but after a while adding modules to the list gets 
> > tedious. In most
> > cases I want to reload my application modules, and no others. 
> just to tweek it some more, if it had an option to traverse @ISA for the
> module, then I could dump the reload code from Apache::Dispatch :)
> but seriously, I don't know how many folks are using handler method calls,
> but, for instance, Apache::AuthCookie requires you to subclass it, so it
> might be nice to be able to reload AuthCookie on an upgrade when my subclass
> hasn't changed...

I'm not fully sure I understand the difference between this and whats
there already. However yes, you can drop this from Apache::Dispatch by
simply calling register_module() yourself:

use Apache::Reload;


Apache::Reload->register_module($package, $file); # package is My::Foo


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