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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: Apache::Reload
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 09:46:55 GMT
On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Stas Bekman wrote:

> > Is there any interest in incorporating Apache::Reload into mod_perl
> > core? It seems to offer much more than StatINC, and in only a tiny bit
> > more code... (I'm not suggesting that this opens any floodgates for other
> > little modules incorporated into mod_perl, but this one seems globally
> > applicable, rather than limited to any particular domain).
> Sounds nice to me. I'd give it a few more days to be tested before
> releasing it in the mainstream since as you can see a few bugs were
> spotted, so let's wait before it's polished out. I'm all for innovations,
> just trying to be cautious you know. 

Understood. I believe your co-worker is playing with it as I type :-)

> It also depends on when Doug is planning the release of the next version.
> If it's far away I guess we can put it into the cvs version now, so people
> will have time to test it. 
> BTW, Matt, you will need a CVS write access then, since if something
> should be patched you can't do it without the access. You will have to ask
> Doug to ask Brian to give it to you.

Ugh... Well I don't mind too much, but I'd prefer if someone else did the
import and submission of patches - I'll just supply diffs if
necessary. But if it has to be that way then so be it.

> Also it means that you will have to withdraw the package from CPAN,
> otherwise people will be confused. You will have to ask Andreas to delete
> the last (and all) versions from CPAN. It's not a problem to delete the
> packages from CPAN, you will be asked by one of the CPAN maintainers why
> you are destroying the package (just letting you know the procedures :)

You can do this from the web interface, providing you haven't actually
registered the module with CPAN (i.e. listed in the CPAN module list),
which I haven't.

However I don't see a point in removing it from CPAN - that enables people
to use it in older mod_perl installations. What I can/will do is check
$mod_perl::VERSION or $Apache::Reload::VERSION on install to ensure its
not already there.

> Also what about the back compatibility with StatINC -- do you plan to keep
> StatINC in the core mod_perl for a while and remove it for 2.0?

Like Ask said - its a drop-in replacement, so we could just make StatINC a
bunch of aliases for Reload methods.


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