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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Apache::Reload
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 09:39:59 GMT
> Is there any interest in incorporating Apache::Reload into mod_perl
> core? It seems to offer much more than StatINC, and in only a tiny bit
> more code... (I'm not suggesting that this opens any floodgates for other
> little modules incorporated into mod_perl, but this one seems globally
> applicable, rather than limited to any particular domain).

Sounds nice to me. I'd give it a few more days to be tested before
releasing it in the mainstream since as you can see a few bugs were
spotted, so let's wait before it's polished out. I'm all for innovations,
just trying to be cautious you know. 

It also depends on when Doug is planning the release of the next version.
If it's far away I guess we can put it into the cvs version now, so people
will have time to test it. 

BTW, Matt, you will need a CVS write access then, since if something
should be patched you can't do it without the access. You will have to ask
Doug to ask Brian to give it to you.

Also it means that you will have to withdraw the package from CPAN,
otherwise people will be confused. You will have to ask Andreas to delete
the last (and all) versions from CPAN. It's not a problem to delete the
packages from CPAN, you will be asked by one of the CPAN maintainers why
you are destroying the package (just letting you know the procedures :)

Also what about the back compatibility with StatINC -- do you plan to keep
StatINC in the core mod_perl for a while and remove it for 2.0?

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