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From "Fagyal, Csongor" <>
Subject Re: Printer friendly output
Date Sun, 21 Dec 2003 15:49:45 GMT
Tim Pushor wrote:

> Chris,
> I would look into making a PDF.
> I have done something similar - a customer once wanted to be able to 
> print or fax invoices from a web form, so I filled in postscript 
> templates, and sent to mgetty+sendfax (via ghostscript) or to a local 
> printer.
> This was a while ago.
> Now, I would certainly look into PDF generation (in fact, I plan on in 
> the near future). There are C libraries and perl modules that will 
> allow you to generate PDF's. This is (IMO) The ultimate in creating 
> print ready forms.

Try "htmldoc". Works pretty well if your HTML is not too fancy - it 
converts HTML to PDF (or RTF). Doesn't know CSS, though.

You can also try to use XSL(T), and then have two XSL-s for the normal 
and the printer friendly representation, and the later you can convert 
to PDF (using for example the above mentioned htmldoc - or even FOP if 
you don't mind speed :-)).

- Csongor

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