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From Josh Chamas <>
Subject Re: [mp2] Apache::OK vs 200
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 03:40:52 GMT
 > although nothing is reported in the error log, and the
 > status in the access log is reported as 200.  The problem
 > arises from returning '200' from Apache::Hello; changing
 >    return 200;
 > to
 >    return Apache::OK;
 > fixes things.
 > Is there something wrong in principle with returning an
 > explicit status of, eg, 200, rather than using the Apache::*
 > constants?

Thanks for starting this thread Randy & figuring out what the
problem was.  I have been swamped this past month, and have been
unable to look into this much, but as I understand it, using the
standard Apache constants is a fix here.

Having looked into this some already, it seems that the Apache handler
model in mod_perl has changed some with respect to the return codes
that a handler provides.  It seemed that early in mod_perl use,
the return codes would be the literal status codes, like 500 for
server error, 302 for redirect and 200 for success.  This is
then very different in mod_perl 2, and hopefully I can implement
this is some rational way so that Apache::ASP can still do something
correct with $Response->{Status} across mod_perl 1 + 2.

Thanks again, and I expect to have this problem resolved in the
next release of Apache::ASP, release date TBD.  Unfortunately, this
"fix" seems rather involved, so I am not sure when this release date
will be.



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