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From Warren Young <>
Subject Re: Very Basic Newbie Questions
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 20:18:37 GMT
Robin McDermott wrote:
> thought about Perl and php, but have been wanting to do more with asp so it

ASP is just an API, it is not tied to VBScript.  If it's important for 
you to be able to run the same code on both the Windows and Linux web 
servers, you may be able to run PerlScript ASP pages on the Windows side 
and Apache::ASP on the Linux side.

Thinking about Perl vs. ASP is like thinking about Yamaha vs. yellow.

> It sounds like now, for my immediate needs Perl might be the way to go, but
> it sounds like I will need:
>>the standard LWP::UserAgent and/or HTTP::Request modules
> Do I understand that correctly?

Thanos was suggesting that you go ahead and use Apache::ASP, but within 
the Perl ASP code on the Linux side you use either the LWP::UserAgent or 
HTTP::Request CPAN modules to make the HTTP connection to your Windows 
server.  This is as opposed to the VBScript/OLE call you gave in your 
original post, which has a similar function.

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