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From "98vr6 <>" <>
Subject Hi. I'm new and I have a few questions.
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2003 15:12:17 GMT
I glanced over the "archive" of emails and couldn't find what I was 
looking for. (At least not in the subject.)

I'm a microsoft ASP developer. I just moved 2 personal sites over to 
a new host that only has Apache ASP (you can see where this is 
going). I've been to and for some reason, I can't get 
any scripts to work.

Here's what I want to do and I want to make sure that i'm doing this 
correctly. I'm doing a simple request from a querystring, asigning 
that value to a variable and then using that variable later on to 
determine what javascript include to use. (This will later be 
replaced with a database call, I just don't have the database created 
yet.)'s what I started with.

If Request("CAR") = "" Then
 sCar = ""
 sCar = Request("CAR")
End If

So, I tried this....

If $Request->QueryString($car) = "" Then
 $sCar = ""
 $sCar = $Request->QueryString($car)
End If

Of course, this isn't working. I was reading about a global.asa file. 
Could someone explain this to me? I didn't get a really good 
understanding from what I read on the net.

Thanks for your help!


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