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From Quentin Smith <>
Subject Re: Accessing $Session Outside Apache?
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 04:31:43 GMT
I'd like to have a user be able to start either on Apache or Zope. Zope 
should sense if the user has a current session (I think I can manage 
this). If not, it will redirect the user to an ASP login form. The ASP 
login form will then sense that the user came from Zope and then send 
them back. In other words, I want my one login form in Apache to process 
logins for both Apache and Zope. Since all important data is in a 
PostgreSQL database, all I need is to be able to pass the username back 
and forth with a reasonable amount of security (thus I can't just pass 
the username as a cookie.) All I need is read-only access to the 
$Session from Zope. If the user's session variable has not expired, I'd 
like them to be able to access any page on either server.
I hope I have explained myself clearly.
P.S. If you're curious, I have set up in Zope, and I'd 
like to integrate it into my existing site. Although if you do enough 
reading, you will see that Zope runs well with Apache as a proxy, this 
will not work in my situation.
On Friday, July 12, 2002, at 12:19  AM, Joel Hughes wrote:

> HI Quentin,
> interesting set up you have here.... ;-)
> 1does the web user pass from Apache to Zope and then back to Apache? 
> I.e. is
> this serial?
> If the answer to is yes then I would POST the data to Zope on the "jump 
> off"
> page in Apache. Zope can then always POST the data back to Apache for 
> it to
> place back into $Session.
> ...or are you saying that you want Zope and Apache to have simultaneous
> access to this session data (why? is a user on 2 pages at the same 
> time?)
> joel
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> From: Quentin Smith []
> Sent: 12 July 2002 04:43
> To:
> Subject: Accessing $Session Outside Apache?
> Hi-
> I'd like to access a variable I've set in $Session *outside* Apache. My
> global.asa sets a couple variables in $Session which are based on a
> username/password the user provides. As such, I can't pass the data
> through a regular cookie. I'd like to pass data from my web server,
> running on port 8081, to another web server (, running on
> port 8080 (don't ask). I think I'll have to 1) get Apache::ASP to send a
> different Set-cookie header to allow it to be passed to other ports on
> the same host and 2) figure out some way to safely access my StateDir
> (/tmp/hbschools/, if it matters) without corrupting it. Ideally I'd like
> to be able to access the session from python, although I wouldn't mind
> calling a perl script. I only need to access one variable from the
> $Session.
> I await your help,
> --Quentin
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