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From Quentin Smith <>
Subject Re: Accessing $Session Outside Apache?
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 05:06:09 GMT
Although yes, Zope does provide session management of its own, it is not 
automatically activated. I do not currently use it. In addition, I do 
not want one server to think the user is logged in while the other 
server thinks the session has expired. What I may do is create another 
table in PostgreSQL to store the session ID and then have Zope and my 
asp pages both access that. If Josh has any ideas on a cleaner way to do 
this that is closer to what I originally intended, he can chime in when 
he wakes up :)
On Friday, July 12, 2002, at 12:53  AM, Joel Hughes wrote:

> Ok Quentin,
> will I don't know much about Zope but I do know that it must have some 
> sort
> of session management of its own.
> Why don't you do this:
> when the user hits Zope and there is not username/password in the Zope
> session then Zope redirects to the ASP login page.
> The user then logs in and the page 'knows' that it came from Zope
> (querystring/POST hidden data/referrer whatever way you want to do it) 
> and
> so POSTs back to a Zope (via SSL if you like) 'logged in' page which 
> takes
> the POSTed username/password and sticks it in the Zope session vars.
> joel
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> From: Quentin Smith []
> Sent: 12 July 2002 05:32
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> Subject: Re: Accessing $Session Outside Apache?
> Hi-
> I'd like to have a user be able to start either on Apache or Zope. Zope
> should sense if the user has a current session (I think I can manage
> this). If not, it will redirect the user to an ASP login form. The ASP
> login form will then sense that the user came from Zope and then send
> them back. In other words, I want my one login form in Apache to process
> logins for both Apache and Zope. Since all important data is in a
> PostgreSQL database, all I need is to be able to pass the username back
> and forth with a reasonable amount of security (thus I can't just pass
> the username as a cookie.) All I need is read-only access to the
> $Session from Zope. If the user's session variable has not expired, I'd
> like them to be able to access any page on either server.
> I hope I have explained myself clearly.
> --Quentin
> P.S. If you're curious, I have set up in Zope, and I'd
> like to integrate it into my existing site. Although if you do enough
> reading, you will see that Zope runs well with Apache as a proxy, this
> will not work in my situation.
> On Friday, July 12, 2002, at 12:19  AM, Joel Hughes wrote:
>> HI Quentin,
>> interesting set up you have here.... ;-)
>> 1does the web user pass from Apache to Zope and then back to Apache?
>> I.e. is
>> this serial?
>> If the answer to is yes then I would POST the data to Zope on the "jump
>> off"
>> page in Apache. Zope can then always POST the data back to Apache for
>> it to
>> place back into $Session.
>> ...or are you saying that you want Zope and Apache to have simultaneous
>> access to this session data (why? is a user on 2 pages at the same
>> time?)
>> joel
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Quentin Smith []
>> Sent: 12 July 2002 04:43
>> To:
>> Subject: Accessing $Session Outside Apache?
>> Hi-
>> I'd like to access a variable I've set in $Session *outside* Apache. My
>> global.asa sets a couple variables in $Session which are based on a
>> username/password the user provides. As such, I can't pass the data
>> through a regular cookie. I'd like to pass data from my web server,
>> running on port 8081, to another web server (, running on
>> port 8080 (don't ask). I think I'll have to 1) get Apache::ASP to 
>> send a
>> different Set-cookie header to allow it to be passed to other ports on
>> the same host and 2) figure out some way to safely access my StateDir
>> (/tmp/hbschools/, if it matters) without corrupting it. Ideally I'd 
>> like
>> to be able to access the session from python, although I wouldn't mind
>> calling a perl script. I only need to access one variable from the
>> $Session.
>> I await your help,
>> --Quentin
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