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From Ellers <>
Subject Re: OT: (slightly) RAD RDBMS tools for perl/Apache::ASP
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 04:24:34 GMT
At 6:56 PM -0800 20/3/02, Jim Helm wrote:
>This isn't specific to Apache:ASP, but I've seen a lot of good advice
>here, and hopefully someone has already been through this.
>Basically, I'm just looking for some tools for generating things like
>master/detail editing forms and backends.  I'm not looking to avoid
>coding entirely, just for something to make life easier.

Its a good question... I haven't seen anything myself which suprised 
me. It would have been really handy for me too. With DBI/DBD I 
would've thought a set of classes could be designed to make it 
easy(er) to browse and edit rows.


<%  # browse_books.asp #

use DBD::Forms;

### prepare a Forms RowBrowser - note that the database
### handle could be oracle, mysql, etc...
my $browser = new DBD::Forms::RowBrowser( $dbh );

### prepare the browser to look at rows from the book table
     Table => 'Book',
     SelectColumns => [qw/ title isbn authorlist year/],
     SortColumn => 'title',
     RowsPerPage => 10

### format the title column as a link to book details
    Column => 'title',
    FormatSub => sub {
       my ( $title, $hashRef ) = @_;
       my $isbn = $hashref->{ 'isbn' };
       my $url = $Server->URL( 'details.asp', { isbn => $isbn });
       return "<a href=\"$url\">$title</a>";
    CellCSS => 'data',

### print 10 rows from the table... could use default layout or
### templates (a'la CGI::FormBuilder)
print $browseRows->printHTML( Template => 'table_template.html' );


I had a quick go at it when I first started the current project but 
the deadlines made it very hard to spend the time needed to keep it 
generic and intuitive. I had to go back to doing the app-specific 
version :(


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