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From "Tim Pushor" <>
Subject RE: Includes revisited
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:33:16 GMT
Its probably just my thick headedness, but reading the SSI section on now seems to make sense.

I wasn't sure quite what you meant by compiling the include as a subroutine.
If its a subroutine? what happens to the HTML?

While we're on this subject, what *really* happens when an asp page
containing both perl code and HTML gets compiled?


BTW I really appreciate the help. Apache-ASP is a cool tool :)

-----Original Message-----
From: Joshua Chamas []
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 2:40 PM
To: Tim Pushor
Subject: Re: Includes revisited

Tim Pushor wrote:
> Thanks John for helping clear that up.
> Now after reading your excellent description, and looking at the
> docs, its clear.
> 'include' is a correct term, while 'inline' most certainly is not.

What docs were confusing?  If you have any pointers,
I'd be happy to incorporate them.

Note that $Response->Include() creates a dynamic include

  <!--#include file=... -->

creates an inline one, where vars have the same scope
as the including file.  The latter changes to a dynamic
$Response->Include() if it has the syntax

  <!--#include file=... args=... -->

or if DynamicIncludes are turned on.  The history here
is the inline SSI style includes came first, where the
$Response->Include() and @args SSI notation came later,
thus the differences.

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