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From Henrik Tougaard <>
Subject RE: Plea for an absolutely unneccesary(!) enhancement to Apache:: ASP
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 07:25:03 GMT
> From: Joshua Chamas []
>... I worry about starting
> to add tag extensions to Apache::ASP because one of it virtues 
> when compared to other environments is the simplicity in which
> perl is embedded.
I quite agree!

> The XMLSub that I sent in the separate benchmarking email may
> or may not be overkill ... you could call the tag something like
> <encode:input /> or <input:escape /> if you like which might 
> create a conscious effort on the part of you developer to use.

Your benchmarks of XMLSubs surprised me. I thought that it was
much more expensive. This must be the way of doing it.
XMLSubs here I come! 
> Also, you could consider using FormFill functionality,
> where all you would have to do in the above example to 
> set the input field is:
> <% $Response->{Form}{arbst_navn} = $arbst->{arbst_navn}; %>

I have looked at FormFill, but couldn't get it to do just what
I wanted, but I'll have to look again (and again untill I find
the Right Way of using it with our data and forms - there must
be a way...).

  Plea withdrawn.

Henrik Tougaard, Copenhagen, Denmark
"The first rule of Perl Club is, we don't talk about Perl Club"
    - Dave Cross at YAPC::Europe 2.0.01

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