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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: Embperl 2.0b7
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 06:13:24 GMT

has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GR/GRICHTER/Embperl-2.0b7.tar.gz
  size: 620902 bytes
   md5: 89b8dc62aa28684be64fd0d44857d641

Embperl is a system for building dynamic websites with Perl. See (english) or
(german) for more information.

This is mainly a bug fix release. Everybody who is using a 2.0 beta version
of Embperl encouraged to upgrade.

Enjoy Gerald

Changes since 2.0b6:

   - Changed default for EMBPERL_ESCMODE from 3 to 7. This disables
     by default the possibilty use the backslash to not escape a piece
     of output. This increases the security, because it by default
     avoids the interpretation of the backslash in any user input that
     is redisplayed.
   - Fixed bug in mail syntax and Embperl::Mail reported by Jan Kyncl.
   - Removed LogFormat and CustsomLog from test config, so mod_log_config
     is not required for make test. Reported by Jochen Topf.
   - Removed from MANIFEST, since it was replaced by
   - Make symbolsnames unique so they don't clash with 1.3.4. Reported
     by Kee Hinckley.
   - Fixed a problem that ocurred when a reference to some of the Embperl
     objects was kept after the end of it's lifetime, which caused a
   - Don't do a path search when the filename starts with './'.
   - Fixed a segfault that occured when many nested sub's are used,
     but only a low number of strings.
   - Fixed a problem that <option> tags are not correctly selected, when
     the <option> tag was inside a loop and the name of the <select>
     tag was dynamicly generated.
   - Added test for config directives inside of VirtualHost

Gerald Richter    ecos electronic communication services gmbh
Internetconnect * Webserver/-design/-datenbanken * Consulting

Post:       Tulpenstrasse 5         D-55276 Dienheim b. Mainz
E-Mail:         Voice:    +49 6133 925131
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