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From Jim Schueler <>
Subject New User Inquiry
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2011 18:30:55 GMT
Based on the archives, no one has posted on this advocacy list since 
April, 2009.  First and foremost would be some assurance that this list
(and underlying technology) is still active.

I have been using mod_perl since its release and the author of the CPAN 
module Apache::ChildExit.  IMHO Apache::ChildExit fixes a shortcoming in 
Apache::Registry that made it unusable.  I am also an adovcate of 2 tier 
server architecture which I've implemented as BerkeleyDB::Lite on CPAN. 
Probably I imagined a bias against 2 tier architecture that caused me to 
stupidly ignore the mod_perl community for years.

Mea Culpa.  My life is in shambles.  For the past 2 or 3 years I've 
subsisted by building free (or nearly free) websites.  In the last 6
months, I can't even find opportunities to work for nothing.

As it ever was, eventually every technology merges into a dominent 
product.  Web development remained independent through MS-ASP, 
Java/Struts, Adobe Flash/DreamWeaver.  But now, whether I am pitching web 
sites to end-customers, sub-contracting to web-site designers, or 
interviewing for a job, the universal response is that knowledge of Drupal 
equates to knowledge of website development and implementation.  So I am 
hopelessly unqualified.

After 20 years of Perl, the shift to Drupal is too fundamental: 
Considering the obstacles, I might as well pursue a career writing IPhone 
apps, or dentistry for that matter.  And I still manage a few 
sophisticated mod_perl implementations ( ). 
The obvious decision is to port these sites to Drupal and conquer the 
learning curve.  But if there's even a nascent effort to promote mod_perl 
as an alternative, I would prefer to participate.

FWIW, if I get a chance to post another, I will stop the belly-aching.



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