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From Salve J Nilsen <>
Subject Re: New User Inquiry
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 10:59:58 GMT
Jim Schueler said:
> After 20 years of Perl, the shift to Drupal is too fundamental: 
> Considering the obstacles, I might as well pursue a career writing 
> IPhone apps, or dentistry for that matter.  And I still manage a few 
> sophisticated mod_perl implementations ( 
> ). The obvious decision is to port 
> these sites to Drupal and conquer the learning curve.  But if 
> there's even a nascent effort to promote mod_perl as an alternative, 
> I would prefer to participate.
> FWIW, if I get a chance to post another, I will stop the belly-aching.
> Thanks!

One option is to join the marketing mailing list at the Perl 
Foundation. That's a low traffic list too (although not as slow as 
this one :-P) but it has a couple people in there that have the 
intention of making a difference when it comes to the visibility of 
all things Perl.

I think it would be great to have a couple people there willing to the 
raise mod_perl's banner. Here are the relevant list headers:

List-Post: <>
List-Help: <>
List-Subscribe: <>

Also, there's an events mailing list at TPF, and Enlightened Perl 
Organization have some lists where matters like these are discussed.

To me, it seems Gabor Szabo is one of the more prolific ones, but he 
(and the rest of the people that care about awareness/visibility) need 
any help they can get. Feel free to sign up and make yourself known! 

- Salve

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