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From David Ihnen <>
Subject Re: decline and fall of modperl?
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 21:36:07 GMT
Octavian R√Ęsnita wrote:
> Why it is bad that a language like PHP is more useful for more 
> programmers?
Because then they start thinking they're software engineers instead of 
just programmers.  They get credibility, without having earned it 
through good engineering.  They propagate their half-baked concepts and 
good enough  for what I did before hackery into areas that hurt their 
clients, cause loss of money, success, and jobs, furthermore lowering 
the reputation of anybody who claims the title software engineer. 

You may disagree, or think that is not important.  I think it is 
important on a far deeper cultural level.
> You don't know how things work in other countries.
> Nobody cares about a contracts for software licences in my country.
EXACTLY.  So trying to make money on contracts and software licenses is 
useless.  Obfuscating does nothing but try to enforce a software license 
that will be ignored anyway - so what value does it provide?
> Maybe, but who knows this?
> The target audience should be the students, the future possible perl 
> programmers.
How do you get their ear?

> Why should they be open source? 
Because the code is analyzable, fixable, and can essentially be 
maintained.  Its a long-term strategy for sustainability in operations.  
Because its your operations that make you money, not the how-you-did-it 
glue in your perl code.
> Perl could be also used in commercial proprietary programs, and 
> unfortunately in some countries it is very hard to earn money from 
> open source.
You sell them a solution.  This is where the money is.
> This is why I said that the software companies prefer Java, because 
> nobody considers that it is something bad if a program made in Java is 
> not open source.
Until the company they bought it from vanishes, the source code is lost, 
they need to make a slight but critical change to the functionality, and 
find that it is almost completely undoable because its compiled.

Hindsite is 20/20 - and we shouldn't have to convince a good business 
person that the unknowable will happen.  Limiting your options will 
almost inevitably hurt you.


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