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Subject Re: perl at apachecon
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 20:46:30 GMT
Quoting Fred Moyer <>:
> Spend time developing mod_perl related talks and submit them to events.
>  I spent a lot of time developing talks for smaller workshops first,
> and am now submitting those talks to larger events such as OSCON and
> ApacheCon.

I guess i wonder how you encourage people to do that sort of stuff  
though.  How do you help get people out of the audience, and up at the  

> Europe has a decided advantage in that the concentration of users is
> over a smaller area than the US (making a generalization here, but one
> I think that is reasonable).  Flying from one end of North America to
> the other is more costly and time consuming than flying from one end of
> Europe to the other, so I think that may be a factor.

Most of the European workshops are very regionalized, and many of them  
have preference for the local language as well (see: ).  So i'm not sure how many  
people are really flying around Europe to go to the workshop or not,  
that'd be something that would have to be asked of the organizers.  In  
North America though, it's definitely an issue.

> It's expensive.  I paid for myself last year and slept on a couch at a
> friend's place, and it was still a lot of money (even with my committer
> discount)  My employer paid the year before, which was great, but I got
> a lucky break in that instance :)
> The big conferences are for profit events, and most attendees rely on
> employers footing the bill for their employees.  I've dropped about
> four grand out of pocket in the past two years on conferences, I was
> lucky enough to have a well paying job but unfortunately the employer
> wouldn't pay for conferences on those occasions.

I wonder if the cost of the registration was less significant if that  
would encourage more people to participate.

> I've often thought that it would be cool to have a mod_perl
> conference/workshop, but the mod_perl community is a subset of both the
> Perl and Apache communities, so it seems like the audience is more
> limited than it would be at ApacheCon or YAPC.  It is generally a lot
> easier to encourage and facilitate mod_perl user attendance at an
> existing event rather than putting on a separate event.

The other bonus of just getting more people to submit talks for YAPC  
is that it gives puts people in front of people that might not really  
know anything about mod_perl, so an opportunity to educate people  
about it, and maybe bring in users.

mod_perl is such a powerful tool, and it seems like so few people even  
scratch the surface of what it can do.  I'd love to see projects  
coming out that were authentication agnostic, so you could just plug  
in whatever auth you want and drop say a forum, or a blog, into an  
existing site with huge userbase with a minimum of fuss.  PHP has tons  
of application level stuff, but none of them integrate (in a single  
sign on sense) with each other without huge headaches.  this seems  
like something that could be done easily, and well in mod_perl.  but i  


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