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From Jens Bruhn-Hansel <webmas...@jensbruhn.de>
Subject PDAnnotationRubberStamp
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2019 10:17:04 GMT

using PDFBox 2.0.16 I am trying to add a simple (no image) RubberStamp 
annotation to a PDF document. My current code is:

         public void addSimpleStamp(PDDocument document) throws IOException
             PDPage page = document.getPage(0);

             PDAnnotationRubberStamp rs = new PDAnnotationRubberStamp();
             rs.setRectangle(new PDRectangle(100, 100));
             rs.setContents("A top secret note");


After saving this pdf and opening with AdobeReader I can see one 
comment, but it's only renderes as a box with a cross (error image?). 
Rendering with PDFBox doesn't show this annotation at all.

There seems to be no appearance for the RubberStamp. I've tried 
"rs.constructAppearances();", but this method doesn't do anything for a 
RubberStamp. I saw the example with a custom image, that worked for me. 
But I just want to have the stamp, it's an eyecatcher.

Thanks for your help,


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