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From Joel Hirsh <joelehi...@gmail.com>
Subject Detecting invisible (white on white?) lines
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2019 20:42:50 GMT
I had asked about this more than a year ago, and the answer was that my
basic method seemed correct. However I was never able to resolve the issue,
and now it has come up again.   I am trying to detect, and thereby ignore,
invisible lines.

However, when trying to read either stroking (or nonstroking) colors of the
lines, I am getting that all the colors are always 0.0.

You had previously requested a PDF and some code in order to do anything

Attached is:
1)  a pdf that has a lot of invisible lines.
2)  the core pieces of my Java code to process lines.
3) a listing of the lines found in this PDF.
4) a screenshot of examining a PDFGrahicsState object in the eclipse
debugger on a call to  lineTo(), showing that all the colors I can get are

Thanks for your help

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