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From Tilman Hausherr <THaush...@t-online.de>
Subject Re: Determining why a PDF is large
Date Thu, 16 May 2019 16:17:21 GMT

Look at the resources. If the same font occurs several times, then you 
did something wrong. It should occur only once in a document.


Am 16.05.2019 um 18:09 schrieb Christopher Schultz:
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> All,
> We have a process that generates PDF documents usually using the
> default Type-1 built-in fonts, so the documents do not embed the font
> information.
> We recently added the ability for the documents to include font
> information if certain glyphs were not available in the default
> font(s) and, as expected, the file sizes end up being bigger when that
> happens.
> What is the best tool to look at a particular document to see why it
> ended up being so large? I'm not sure I can visually tell by looking
> at the document which character triggered the inclusion of the font,
> and then why that font was used for what I can only assume was a lot
> of text. By inspecting the file, I'm sure I can improve my code so
> that we have fewer uses of this additional font and therefore keep the
> file sizes to a minimum.
> Thanks,
> - -chris
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> pFgi1BAAontGI4xIb2LSkueFR1NeIeoDUzrMTF2r+3136G3gTmX+dvfKjaH5eHjw
> qa2Nl5Z7GflszlPqSuGtSjHkKA+fejSUj9DfHx55Uef89lTjPJGh7r7Y15yr0nu0
> oI595m25IjP6QUsA//uHknjcazuGEyjJS8M3ractEUukwQJmVCgdpXjCjca5Bc+5
> Vhxp+iim4Vsv8Enckc2f5MFmFSTTj+Gi5qhM1m1vxyrTis2np1/mUVtlFgH50/Nx
> WS2WvIv9RKmnx0Wo0SvrhpwSlJ1pDbU8bbx0lvLXBuyyPzQ6KdHpw++onBleA6Nb
> bM+Axs9r5sMWjWhCX5vKLMcQN7jZU/yDYLAPDNI0a5pPFWyG7xbRDwnQo0fLu0vC
> E4N5RbFxbjyKdBAA4LVggfEjE5kdDCUL0utH38RaFu2XUTcTjrZUXh9hylqVb4xl
> i1Mdenq8gUsMvldxR1DCoQTDCuxzAa+tB3JxDt7E6XnrOtIqgJdryl1wruCtHkVT
> UL71AMHvc7MCbzE2wS6582kjilCWVRZkYph0UPbLFDZ7PDdvVSukYI8erXhRS/Eu
> 36KcSkX9EWJeXx4XUcRnbkvX2ypsTaqqN7xnklAL4ohnouBmFFc=
> =46RA
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