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From Matthew Self <matt...@mself.com>
Subject Re: Choosing a font for non-ASCII characters
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2019 06:17:13 GMT
Google's Noto fonts support a huge number of Unicode characters:

You would need to install the ones you need.  I believe you will also need
to figure out which fonts to use for which characters on your own --
possibly by knowing the language/script you are targeting.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 5:56 PM Christopher Schultz <
chris@christopherschultz.net> wrote:

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> Hello,
> We are using PDFBox to generate PDFs in a very simple way and only
> including fonts available from the PDType1Font class (e.g.
> PDType1Font.HELVETICA). The PDFs we are generating are really only
> including a few title/subtitles, text, and bulleted/numbered lists.
> Everything is fine when we use what is probably in the standard Latin
> alphabet, and we've had some troubles with special characters that
> don't fit in there such as ≥ and ≤. We've dealt with that by simply
> replacing "≤" with "<=" and so on, but we're starting to use languages
> that don't use Latin script and so we can no longer replace out way
> out of the problem.
> For example, I need to be able to put Chinese characters into a PDF we
> generate. So let's take the text "中國" which is just the word "China"
> in Traditional Chinese script.
> First, how can I find out that the character isn't going to fit into
> the font that I'm currently using? Should I do it for every character
> we try to put into the page, or should we just catch exceptions when
> we try to write the text to the page and then scan at that point? I'm
> trying to avoid writing hideously inefficient code to handle these
> situations.
> Second, once I know that I need to choose another font... how do I
> know which font to choose? Should I keep a mapping of Unicode code
> point ranges and the best fonts to use for them?
> Finally, what fonts are actually available to PDFBox? How do I add new
> ones? I have a lot of control over the environment and I get to see
> failing conversions and intervene, so some trial and error is okay for
> each new situation.
> The recipients of our PDFs are file-size sensitive, so I'd only want
> to include (bundle) a font in a PDF if it was absolutely necessary to
> include the font itself. If we can get away with including a
> *reference* to the font in the PDF and telling these recipients
> "sorry, if you want to read the Chinese PDFs we send, you'd better
> make sure you have font X installed" then that's okay with me, too.
> What suggestions to people have for doing all of the above?
> Thanks,
> - -chris
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> 2wn9m2LJVXuWT2dfDDQzZDIfBgfqZI5sl4+hBDSos9gEVV3ddWcox1A0YSTCy5VW
> DAlDZSscEdIDyMIVz2E1dQi6/p35MrSyJ/Xom6Tbnvt3ZHAp87GHZ1rB8XXrtVZS
> itVE756hJ59o4tZJoM9cH1NH1w9PuLLJyrGpCsc1oTgcZTI0jXxiIC9Q4GvLbLbO
> yVdExITzTVflLAo0BRGOJkb5IF1OyVf51HHas1+DMEvtSXY5J89e1dFnyo1dFxMU
> MXJ5rKh/FQvJtC5Lf9QoQ3tV8r3qyWv0wc8FVgMcLUA9DHbx7QtcydQwoKf3poJz
> ymlOJWH2b4d5uLbSfdjr9Nof4IRNH504cwjoth3eor3Ra/SCaem2ZrTQhY6XzoF1
> vCpZChDIKzDvI7NDGbcaNvzzezNmlbdRdh3Ekwk1E/vwfrmtb4VmW7sW9PICP1o6
> 80sqydy6qIMtQNjr1EK55VIvD4+e10SwYWhcZinsByQkYZpoRjKWQ9kTNk10vvwk
> cLB8bVeLPHC7nLe4FqJe4y3+hWBfGP25O2VdnNU1sjd4lbzQhNIgCMj0n+6ziDuU
> Nh9vDuKRXEIIXHZUxrN2Td3hOw96wKHqEQ8RtxYpuGWABx4wIWw=
> =aMPi
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