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From Luca Lanzone <luca.lanz...@fhoster.com>
Subject Error in conforming to PDF/A-2b
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2018 08:44:26 GMT

I am using PDFBox to create legally valid PDF/A-2b documents, on a Linux
Mint machine.

For this, I have .odt files with embedded fonts created by LibreOffice
Writer, that I export as PDFs. Then, I manipulate the metadata of the
documents by aligning the XMP metadata with the descriptive ones (author,
title, subject, etc.), providing a color profile, and setting the
identification schema to part 2 and conformance B, just like pointed out in
your guides.

I manually tested the output PDF/A-2b documents using this online
validator: https://www.pdf-online.com/osa/validate.aspx, and I noticed that
if the aforementioned documents contain certain fonts, e.g.
MathJax-Typewriter, the validation fails with a series of errors like this:

*The width for character X in font ‘FAAAAA+MathJax_Typewriter-Regular’ does
not match.*

I would like to know if this is caused by some limitations in the library,
or if I am doing something wrong in conforming the PDF.

The failing PDF and the output of the validator are provided as attachments
to this mail.

Best regards,


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